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  • Bezeichnung: General Purpose Checkweigher
  • Modell: YCW-300
  • Zeit: 2016-10-21
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Suitable for inspecting single product weight, as well as for inspecting the whole carton for missing items.

Model YCW-300
Checking Range ≤3000g
Accuracy ±0.5g~±2g
Minimum Scale 0.1g
Throughput 20~110m/min
Optimal Throughput 80pcs/min
Suitable Product Dimension Length ≤300mm
Width ≤300mm
Weighing Belt
Length 450mm(L)
Width 300mm(W)
Machine Dimension 1700mm(L)*878mm(W) *1385mm(H)
Rated Power 0.4KW
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50HZ (60HZ)
Conveyor Direction From Left to Right
Compressed Air 0.6~1Mpa
Nozzle Connector Type Φ8mm
Operation Platform Touch Screen
Control Module High Speed A/D Sampling Module
Product Preset 99
Rejector Swing Arm /Pusher
Operating Requirement Temperature:0℃~40℃,Humidity:30%~95%
Body Construction SUS304 Stainless Steel




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