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  • Bezeichnung: X-Ray Inspection system for Big Packages
  • Modell: FXR-5026K100
  • Zeit: 2016-10-26
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FXR40, FXR50 series X-Ray Inspection System equipped with wide detection channel and support heavy load, suitable for inspecting all kinds of big packages like food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Model FXR-5026K100
X-Ray Tube 350W 100KV
Conveyor Width 500mm
Conveyor Height 260mm
Sensitivity Stainless steel ball Φ0.3mm Stainless steel wire Φ0.2*2mm
Conveyor Speed 10-70m/min
Working Environment Temperature:-10-40℃,Humidity:30-90%
X-Ray Emission <1μSv/hr
X-Ray Protection Soft Curtain (detachable)
Reaction to defectives Optional: alarm, stopping machine, rejection
Power AC220V ±10% 50/60Hz, 1.5kVA Max
Waterproof Ip66
Body Construction Stainless steel 304




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